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I am a relative spa novice. As far as my experience, they are few and far between, but lavishly enjoyed. I have gotten a handful of massages in my life, on family vacations, or birthday gift certificates, but as a recent college grad, I’m not quite financially equipped enough to make Spa my lifestyle…yet. So today, I’m getting a taste of something beyond the 60 minute Swedish Massage. I’m headed to celebrate Spa Week at the Shibumi Spa at the Eastern Athletic Club in Tribeca to get a Glycolic Facial Peel with Reflexology with the Director, Soli Davis.

Facial w/ Reflexology, Head-to-Toe – Custom Basic Facial with Reflexology on hands, feet, face, and head. Give us 90 minutes and we’ll take you on a journey to help restore, renew, and rejuvenate your being. From head to toe, you’ll feel and look as if you’ve had a mini vacation without even leaving the room. Reflexology added to the custom facial helps relax or energize the system, increasing circulation and helping your body return to a state of balance. 90 minutes

The description alone makes me tingle!  Then I read more about Soli Davis – wooh! Now I’m super jazzed! Born into a family of healers from a lush background of Japanese, African American, and Native American, she has the combined knowledge of millennia of teachings, plus access and contribution to today’s newest innovations. Her methods are available exclusively on the Shibumi Spa menu, along with a day of membership on the day of the treatment. I wonder if I’ll take a class? Sit in the steam room? Pump some iron?

Well, I’m off to find out!

Right now, after a nice shower, my skin is a little dry and taught. My pores feel rather clogged up, and though I detest the term breakout, as I never feel that what I get should be given such an explosive word, I do get the occasional pimple or three. And I tend to pop… maybe I was born to be an esthetician. But I never got the official training, so I typically tend to do more bad than good. I’ll show you what I’m working with:

This is my Before picture. The After didn't look that much different in the photo, so just picture this only glowing and smiling. My face felt infinitely better!

Wish me luck! I’ll tell you all about it later!


Well, that was way more than what I thought a facial would be. In just the Mini Glycolic facial, I got my face, hands, neck, shoulders and jaw worked out into a relaxed state. Soli Davis understands that the skin is the body’s largest organ, and so interacts with nearly every part of the body. For instance, she especially targeted my jaw, and helped to ease it out of the clench. Tightening my face this way is not only bad for my skin, but also adds to the tension in my upper back, shoulders, and my neck at the base of my skull. She worked these “ouchie points” just up to the point that it felt like a breath of fresh air – damaged reversed! The facial, neck and shoulder massage had elements of reflexology, shiatsu, lymphatic drainage and reiki, which increase circulation, release tension and generally left me floating. The hand and arm massage also used reflexology, shiatsu and Ayurvedic marma points. Mmmm… Marma like!

Soli Davis’s magic hands spread super unique crèmes and serums over my face and décolleté. The first thing she said to me about the Bionova products was, “If it’s not already in your skin, it’s not in these products.” With over 300 different enzymes and components that make up a single skin cell, these succinctly developed crèmes and lotions use approximately 150 of them. With a low pH, it restores natural elasticity and shine, rebuilding the skin cells with only what it needs.

The organic Glycolic enzyme peel tingled in my pores, as it exfoliated my face toward the end of the treatment. It was one of many layers of crèmes and soothers that glided on my face, mixed with pressure point attention. Through a constant stream of steam, and her strong and gentle, purposeful hands, Soli Davis worked my face into a new kind of clean I’ve never known of before.

All of this facial attention, combined with my first ever steam room experience, is enough to make me turn to the way of the Spa. There will certainly be more facials in my future – the next step is extractions!

Shibumi Spa – Eastern Athletic’s Tribeca Sanctuary
80 Leonard Street
New York, NY 10013

Shibumi’s $50 Spa Week Treatments:

  • 45 Min Anti-Oxidant Head to Toe Exfoliation with Marine Enzyme Peel and Body Exfoliation of Pomegranate and Cranapple Sugar Scrub
  • 45 Min Glycolic Facial Special with Elements of Shiatsu and Reflexology

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