My mom’s name is Carol and she loves foot rubs. So, for her birthday a few weekends ago there was only one thing I could think of to do: Take her to The Back Room at Carol’s Daughter, a famous hand and foot spa.

Before getting into our perfectly tongue-in-cheek mommy-daughter spa day, I’d like to point out the tremendous cult following of Carol’s Daughter. The brand has over 425,000 engaged fans on their Facebook page who love the brand, from their new Curl-enhancing MILK hair line to their musings on inner beauty. The company was founded by Lisa, who’s mom was obviously Carol.

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Located in the heart of Harlem in New York City, the flagship retail space is enormous for the amount of product, making a clear statement that Carol’s Daughter is no small player. The staff drew us in immediately, making us laugh and pouring champagne within minutes of arrival. High ceilings followed us into The Back Room, an intimate space that blended royal pedicure thrones with cracked lacquered paint.

The treatments were thorough, the facilities were sparkling and sterile, and the experience stirred up all 5 senses. We previewed their 2 Spa Week treatments: I got the 75 Min Love Your Hands and Feet Paraffin and Massage Treatment (mani/pedi included), and my mom received the 60 Min Chai Massala Pedicure (she had recently gotten a manicure).

The pedicure bowls were garnished with delightful fresh oranges and rose petals, the spa soundtrack was a soulful R&B mix, and our lower limbs became works of art as we enjoyed scrubs, masks, lotions and massages from our knees to our toes.


Inspired by the young modelesque technician Dana Michelle who did my mom’s feet, I chose a vibrant glittery turquoise-blue polish called Charla by ZOYA. It was one of my most complimented manicures in a while… either they loved it or just felt they had to say SOMETHING because it’s an impossible color to miss.

INTERVIEW: From One Carol’s Daughter to Another

Lisa Price shares business success, beauty secrets, and the best kind of massages.

So, we both have a mom named Carol. You must have met other daughters of Carols who get excited about this. Is this your first interview from another Carol’s daughter?

As far as I know you are the 2nd Carol’s daughter to interview me.

What’s your most vivid beauty/pampering moment with mom growing up?

Well, my mom was not much of a beauty pampering type person.  She began to pamper herself only after I made products and then she became addicted.  The advice my mom gave me about beauty was not to use too much makeup and not to use it all the time.  She said that I should always know what I really look like and love myself flaws and all.

You have a Facebook following of over 425,000. What’s your secret?

I am honest and authentic.  I engage our guests and let them into our world and my space and we talk about what is important to us.  Our topics resonate and they know that I am ALWAYS listening.

Why a spa for just hands and feet?

It is a great way to, pardon the pun, get your feet wet in the service business.  Less overhead and less space required than a spa that offers massages, etc.  Manicures and pedicures for many of us is not a luxury but something we must do on a regular basis to be properly groomed.  Why not take that perfunctory service and make it anything but,  I am always looking for ways to turn ordinary experiences into stress-relieving, moments to exhale.  I know that other busy women feel the same way.

What was the last thing you put on your hands and feet?

The last color I had was a deep green shade from Ginger Lily.  We can get you the name.  I had our new Chai Masala service about a week ago.  Heaven! However, this morning I used our Brown Sugar Scrub to exfoliate my feet and I massaged them with Sage and Shea Foot Butter about 10 minutes ago.  That is something I try to do every night.  Sometimes, my husband gives me the massage and that’s just the best.

What is your all-time favorite product from your line?

Overall, my Hair Milk is my favorite.  My curls can’t live without it.  But of my hands and feet line, it is the Sage and Shea Foot Butter.

The beauty secret you live by?

I take care of myself from the inside out.  I use makeup to conceal and enhance not to hide behind.  I take my mother’s advice and give myself a break from it and love who I am and what I look like.  I exercise regularly and hard and I make a concerted effort to eat right.  I have a loving family and it is important to me to spend time with them.  My children make me feel young and keep me on my toes.  My husband is my best friend and the person I can always go to no matter what.  All of this is what makes me beautiful.  Because I am happy.

What’s one thing that everyone in the world should know about Carol’s Daughter?

That this is a brand with amazing products that are made with wonderful ingredients by people that are so passionate about what they do.  I work very hard at trying to build my brand into a household name.  I am not just a Founder or just a face.  I am in the office everyday and I love it!

The Back Room Hand & Foot Spa at Carol’s Daughter
24 West 125th Street
New York, NY 10027

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