The Little Luxury: Completely Bare’s Bikini Bump Blaster

Nickname: Smooth Criminal

Relationship status: We got to third base.

What’s So Special About These Pads?It’s not so much the pain of the Brazilian Wax I mind. As long as it does the trick, I’m fine with it. It’s only a problem if said wax causes ingrowns, which are never cute. This product is designed to treat AND prevent that. I have fairly sensitive skin and have tried a few other serums and creams over the years, and nothing worked as promised. Right after mentally resigning to my ingrown status quo, I discovered le Blaster.

How do you use them? Just like you’re taking makeup off your face, rub these textured pads on the area in question every morning and night. Be diligent!

How do they work? It’s all in the active ingredients. They’re dipped in glycolic acid combined with the acne defying agent, salicylic acid which blocks bacteria by reducing sebum production in pores. Other ingrown remedies contain some of the same ingredients, so I have to think that the texture of the pad, as opposed to smoothing a cream onto your skin, also contributes to the success.

If at first you don’t succeed… Seriously, post-wax and shave nuisances are avoidable with the right products. Whether it’s ingrown cream, deodorant or allergy medicine, never take no for an answer… sometimes you just need to keep searching to see what works for you. In this case, it didn’t hurt to use products straight from the pioneers of modern hair removal.

How much: $32.00 at CompletelyBare.com

Hot Stone Scale: 6 out of 6

This Little Luxury Report was brought to you by: Michelle Joni Lapidos

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