Photo by Luke Jones Via

Photo by Luke Jones Via

The most costume-y holiday (unless you pull out an Easter Bunny suit every spring) is nearly upon us! While it’s a given that you’ll snag some adorably diminutive candy this weekend, whether it be from your own candy dish or your kid’s trick-or-treating haul, not all All Hallow’s treats are created equal. These are the tiny ghouls packing ridiculous amounts of calories in their miniscule little bodies.

While we certainly don’t advocate depriving yourself of that chocolatey treat if you really, really, really want it, if a party pack of Skittles or a tiny Twizzler would satisfy your sugar craving just as well, this list might convince you to opt in that direction instead.

  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins—At Halloween and Christmastime, Reese’s transforms their flagship cup into the shapes of teensy pumpkins and wee tannenbaums in the spirit of the season. In an accompanying spirit of overindulgence, those treats can pack a serious caloric punch. Each Halloween pumpkin will set you back 180 calories, which is a lot for something that might go down in less than a minute.
  2. Peanut M&Ms—A Halloween favorite because of its ability to induce amnesia (you know you’ve daintily nibbled one, ignored the bag for 20 seconds after finishing, and then started the process all over again as though it never happened), that cheery yellow fun pack will run you 93 calories.
  3. Mr. Goodbar—This deliciously simple concoction of milk chocolate and salty peanut chunks is oh-so-so good. One fun-size bar in your trick or treat pail is 90 calories, which isn’t so bad until you factor in the utter difficulty of eating just one. Curse you, Mr. Goodbar.
  4. Rolos—There’s nothing not to love about this delicious chocolate/caramel concoction. Chocolate and caramel are a perfect pairing, a most holy union, and yet one snack-sized pack contains 171 calories. A truly cruel trick by any measure.
  5. York Peppermint Patties—Snarfing down these minty delicious rounds may leave you with fresh breath and a burst of sugar energy, but at a whopping 165 calories per patty, they just might be the most expensive breath mint you’ll ever eat, diet-wise. We recommend eating 4 rolls of Mentos for a similar effect and calorie punch.

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