When’s the last time you had an AHA moment? “AHA is the universal sound of discovery,” as it is put by the brand new website that’s making a big splash in the luxury shopping space.

AHA is exactly what fell out my mouth when I discovered AHAlife; it was right before heading to a cocktail party the company hosted last week at their chic Manhattan office on Bond Street. Founded by Shauna Mei, a successful and wildly innovative New York entrepreneur, AHAlife.com is a breathtaking place to discover – and purchase – unique products from around the world. Since the website’s mid-September launch, one new product is launched every day, ranging from Greek superfood and organic beauty products to fur vests and exclusive digital cameras by Diane von Furstenburg. The online store is collectively curated by their group of influential tastemakers, resulting in a storyboard of diverse global inspiration.

ENTER: The Hammam

I am pleased to be the curator of today’s AHAlife discovery: L’Aviva Hammam Towels. A Hammam is an old Turkish bathing tradition – a structure that facilitates healing, relaxation and community. At a Hammam, bathers move from warm to hot steam rooms, enjoy invigorating body treatments and massage, dip into cold baths, and inevitably neeed something to dry off with and keep them cozy. That’s where the towels come in. Though Hammams became popular in the 1800s, these jacquard gems would give modern, sophisticated character to spa home, bathroom, and they roll up small making for a great travel companion. Luxuriously large, each towel is hand-woven and finished with hand-knotted fringe.

Read more about the Hammam Towels on AHALife.

They’re well-priced at $55, making them a wonderful, multi-use, spa-inspired holiday gift. Bathe in that for today, then sign up to discover something brand new tomorrow.

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