Photo by Tim Sackton Via

Photo by Tim Sackton Via

In honor of National Chocolate Day, we command you to indulge in a helping of cocoa today. (We know these guys over to the left have.)

Chocolate, a wonder drug that goes back at least 2 millenia (evidence suggests the Mayans were chocolate lovers at least 2600 years ago), can be great for you. Choose dark to enjoy lower blood pressure and a hefty dose of antioxidants – but whatever you choose, make sure you savor it!

In honor of the day, we want to highlight these excellent chocolate-centric blogs, forums, ventures and obsessions:

Chocolate & Zucchini for her delicious French dessert recipes.

8Chocolate for their seriously thorough product reviews.

Dying for Chocolate for her reliably yummy chocolate recipes.

The Chocolate Forum for giving chocolate lovers an excellent Internet home.

The Chocolate Addict for her sassy, art-inspired chocolate creations!

The Chocolate Review for, well, chocolate reviews.

Chocablog because they just launched the World Chocolate Guide.“Mapping the world, one ganache at a time…” Talk about a satisfying project!

We hope you’ve had a delicious day!

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