Never in my life have I had so much fun at a hair salon as I did on Saturday at Senses New York. Not counting the other week when they threw a  Snooki-studded circus and I woke up with a fake tattoo, but that’s another story.

Me as Ke$ha! Read and watch the videos to see how it happened 

I entered Senses NY Salon and Spa at 3 pm to get highlights and a much needed trim with the owner Bruce, and didn’t end up leaving til 8. First let me just say that in my 12 years of getting highlights, I’ve never loved them quite this much. I kid you not. If you are within a 100 mile radius of New York City and have a penchant for blonde moments, cheat on your hairdresser next time and try Bruce. Just once. You can blame me.

Anyway, it was Halloween. I had big plans to dress up as my Doppelgänger Ke$ha, the party girl pop singer who debuted with “Tik Tok”  in 2009 and whose current hit “We R Who We R” just happened to #1 on iTunes that day, so what’s a cast of costume-obsessed hairdressers, makeup artists, and otherwise talented perfectionists to do, other than make sure I leave there looking more like Ke$ha than Ke$ha herself?

I had fooled around on earlier in the week and made the Ke$ha inspiration board you see above, which the Senses team studied on my iPod touch. I had uploaded it to Facebook on Tuesday, and my mother asked if any of them were me.

While the foils were setting, the makeup began. Lizette is their phenomenal makeup artist – she has her own makeup line called Face It Beauty Bar, and I give her full credit for my face in this video. After a few moments taking in the Ke$ha-isms of the collage, Lizette began airbrushing my face with various tones of caucasian. Suddenly I had a smooth tan, zero blemishes, semi-perm blush and awesomely defined cheekbones. Check out how it works in this video–

Then came the eye makeup. Lizette used a liquid black eyeliner to get the dripping effect, and while the liner was still wet, she told me blink really hard to give it the smudgy look.

When it was time to remove the foils, Annalisa gave me her usual head-gasmic wash and massage in the sink, then Armando did a gorgeous blowout. If only Bruce and Armando weren’t about to go totally eighties on it and turn it into a teased, curly, hot Ke$ha mess. I caught a minute of it for you to see–

After this, I swung back over to Lizette’s station to finish up with fake lashes and glitter galore. The lips are done with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar and Mattese NYC Glitter. (I ended up removing the pink feathers because they distracted from the eye makeup)

The end results looked like this – everyone I saw knew immediately who I was!

Thank you Bruce and team! You know it’s good when you feel the urge to do a running jump hug at the end of your session. Which I did.

BUT WAIT! Not done yet. On Sunday I had a couple Halloween parties to go to, so what else would I do besides go as Ke$ha at the $pa? If anyone needed the spa, it sure was Ke$ha. I slathered on a Lia Schorr Peel Mask (one of my favorites), a pink TherapPearl eye mask (read our TheraPearl review), and Caswell-Massey Revitalizing Cool Cucumber Eye Pads… all covered in glitter of course.

I even added a “50” to the $ signs from the night before – A Spa Week shoutout! (yes, I am creepily obsessed with my job)

What did YOU go as for Halloween? I would love to see! Upload to our Facebook page!

Senses New York Salon & Spa
138 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10011


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