Can acupuncture help you conceive? For months the rumors seemed to spread like wildfire, was she or wasn’t she? She must be pregnant because she has a glow and gained a few pounds, and no she can’t be because she was just spotted drinking champagne at that award show in LA. Last week Mariah Carey put the rumors to bed once and for all by confirming what was super obvious – after years of trying she was finally pregnant. Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon sat down with Access Hollywood to explain their long journey which involved painful moments like a miscarriage suffered two years ago, and how a chat with fellow powerhouse singer Celine Dion (who just had a set of twins) introduced her to the treatment she credits for helping her conceive. Bringing a child into the world is the most precious gift Mother Nature bestowed upon womankind, but for some it doesn’t come easy. In the video below, Mariah explains how acupuncture became apart of her calming daily routine. Mariah says that acupuncture helped her reduce her stress level which was so crucial in getting her pregnant.

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