Every once in a while amongst our musings and ramblings about spa treatments, beauty and random thoughts that we think (hope) are funny, we receive a Tweet question so good that it’s worthy of not just a tweet back, but a full investigative report and blog post. This time the Tweeter who shall remain “@”-less because we can’t for the life of us find the tweet again, wanted to know how to Rapunzelize her tresses. Simply stated:

“How do I make my hair grow faster?”

I consulted with a couple hair pros for the exact formula of vitamins, foods and products that will help reach the long, luscious results desired by so many women.

Bruce Conroy, hair expert and owner of Senses New York who has been keeping tresses healthy for 28 years, has the following 3 pieces of advice (which he shared with me over my Ke$ha makeover):

1. Take horsetail pills

Horsetail is used to treat a variety of things from period bloating to frostbite, and it is also used to treat hair loss. Many take them to make their hair grow faster. You can get them at GNC for just $8.99. (As with any pills, please make sure to read about possible side effects to make sure it’s something safe for you.)

2. Get more of THESE foods into your diet:

Beans, eggs, berries (high in Vitamin B)

Oats, brown rice and sunflower seeds (high in Biotin)

Carrots and Kale (high in Vitamin A)

Nuts (high in Vitamin E)

Vitamin supplements will also do the trick, but don’t cheat yourself out of all the nutritious value in these foods.

3. Don’t forget the ENDS of your hair

Bruce also swears by AG Split End Spa repair serum. This will not help your hair grow faster from the root, but he guarantees it will help stop breakage and split ends, which is the reason your hair might never seem to grow. (Also, do not forget trims every 2-3 months to keep your ends tamed – letting it grow and grow is NOT the answer!)

The 4th one is not from Bruce…

4. Enter: The Apothecary

I also just happened to meet a woman over the weekend by the name of Vibha Raval, who runs a very interesting hair business where everything is made by hand personalized for each of her customers. No official branding or bottles or website, just a Facebook page and a little black book of clients. She cross-promotes with Bio-oil and Carols Daughter, and focuses on sustainable, eco-friendly, vegetarian products, using Ayurvedic products in a Western context. One of her most popular products was created to promote hair growth, and is called Brahmi Hair Tonic.

Ingredients: Neem, Argan oil, Amla, Tea Tree oil, Coconut oil, Grape seed oil, Castor oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, filtered clarified Butter, Panthenol, Biotin, Niacin. TO USE: Massage in to the scalp at night. You may use this product with a heating cap, or without one. For scalp only. A 4 oz. vile is $9.75. To contact Vibha,visit her Facebook page.

Image Courtesy of peekaboo.com

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