What do mustaches have to do with saving money?

Don’t start growing out some funky looking ‘stache just yet… It won’t save you a dime til you’ve downloaded this Brad-Pitt-facial-hair-worthy new app.

It’s called Scoutmob, a hot new app with a vintage touch and a knack for what’s cool. Here’s how the mob works: they partner with some of the best places in Atlanta, NYC and San Francisco to bring you one-time-only deals. You, the Mobster, can claim these deals on the app to get 50% or more off products or services up to a certain allotted value.

Thanks to Scoutmob I started frequenting Goodburger (home of the goodburger…) for lunch around the corner from the Spa Week Headquarters, and all because I saved a whopping $4 ONCE on a veggie burger with all the toppings. Every time I go there, I think about mustaches.

But not as much as Scoutmob thinks about them, guaranteed.

Check out some of the photos you can find lurking around their website. It’s pretty entertaining, although we didn’t see the Beatles included and they basically reinvented the mustache in the 60s. Other than that, their facial hair market share looks to be fairly significant.

Okay, that’s enough of that. Now get moving, get your mustache on, and if you’re in Atlanta, NYC or San Fran or one of their other upcoming cities, join the mob near you.

Photos courtesy of Scoutmob, and those who have so generously donated their mustaches to their site.

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