I arrived in Rome this morning in heels on a red eye, and without a moment of down time I sprung into my first day in The Eternal City. When I arrived at the superbly central Hotel Juliaat 11 am it was too early for check in, so I put my faith in European kindness and left my luggage with the front desk while I set out to find the best cappuccino in the vicinity.

Before I knew it, I was on a date. A nice young man named Manuel who lives and works right outside the Trevi Fountain struck up a conversation with the apparently blatant American walking down the street, which led to cappuccinos, pizza, and a rare concert for charity on the Spanish Steps. It was an American show band called The Infernos who got the tourist-local mix of step-sitters dancing with songs ranging from Frank Sinatra to the Black Eyed Peas. Even for Manuel who’s lived there for 18 years, it was a treat.

My new friend also happened to know the good spas in the area. After scoping out a few of them I decided upon an irresistibly sleek oriental spa just around the corner from my hotel called Kami Spa.

The entryway itself is enough to engulf you. Water flows down the walls on either side forming a pond below the wooden floor planks (see photo above). The lobby/waiting area is equipped with iPads at every table and buddha statues that added a spiritual touch to the minimalist decor.

For the first half hour I used the facilities and spent most of my time in the steam room. It cleared my sinuses, skin, and mind like no other, and smelled deliciously oriental, but I couldn’t quite put a finger on the aroma. It had eucalyptus qualities but the spa manager told me it’s a secret recipe. Fair enough. It was really something special.

Next I dipped into Kami Spa’s purifying and relaxing mineral-rich hydrotherapy pool with powerful massage jets. It’s set in a marble room and carries the zen vibe of the rest of the spa.

I was then escorted into a glass elevator up to a blissful massage room for a 30 minute Business Massage. It was just enough to take care of business and a turned out to be a very invigorating treatment, but I could have done without so much time spent massaging over the towel. When it’s only 30 minutes, you’ve got to cut through the apertivo a bit faster, my dear. I do, however, appreciate my massage therapist straddling me to really dig deep into my lower back. She was a small woman, and in cases like these, the straddle is totally necessary.

My spa day continued with hot tea, dried fruits and a visit to Facebook on one of their iPads (guilty), followed by the strongest, best rain shower I’ve ever had. It was as if pellets of water were put on this earth to do nothing more than knock every last bit of traveling stress out of my system. It was so good, in fact, that I made a note that they are Zazzeri showers, which I will one day furnish my dream home with. Check back in 20 years, just you wait.

Today’s WIN ITALIA question:

(to win a piece of Italia-packed luggage): What’s the best shower you’ve ever taken?


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