With a name like Wonderfool, you know it’s got to be unique.

I have my dear friend Melody Weir to thank for introducing me to this spa. See, Melody is the absolute most connected woman on earth, so the moment I told her I was going to Rome, I’m fairly certain she sent a blimp across the Roman skies and singing telegrams announcing my arrival to all her Italian confidants. Including: a few fine young gentlemen who have shown me around to some of the best clubs and parties in Rome, and Prospero Di Veroli, the owner of a spa called Wonderfool.

Wonderfool is a handsomely furnished wellness center and concept store that caters to men, and as of last year has become popular for women as well. It’s unlike any spa I’ve seen. It’s an acclaimed barber shop, a suit tailor and a fully modernized spa with a small fitness center and top-of-the-line spa amenities. It’s also a store with Prospero’s curations from around the world including select clothes, a unique handbag collection, and skincare/grooming lines for both men and women. He created a signature Wonderfool skincare line too, brilliantly branded (he’s a marketing guy), and he gave me a signature Wonderfool eye cream to put into the WIN ITALIA giveaway for you!

The place feels bold, sexy and luxurious, like a rich man’s secret wellness club, and although most spa owners would love if their spa felt as upscale as Wonderfool did, Prospero surprisingly had mixed feelings about it. He explained that he doesn’t want people associating Wonderfool with upscale luxury. Why? He keeps his prices relatively low to remain attainable to young people, and if it’s too luxurious, people get the wrong idea. He, too, shares Spa Week‘s vision of bringing the wellness lifestyle to the next generation at an affordable price. Rock on, Prospero!

His clientele is a fascinating mix. Businessmen: Prospero encourages holding business meetings in his sauna once in a while, because too many pasta lunches will make a businessman fat. Jetsetters: Frida Giannini, Gucci’s creative director, gave a nice mention of Wonderfool as her favorite in a recent Elle Decor Italia interview. And my bet is that some people choose Wonderfool because they can’t resist his adorable little puppy running around.


Prospero introduced me to my massage therapist Antonia and said that she had prepared something special for me. “I don’t want to tell you too much.” he smiled. “Just enjoy it.” How exciting! I de-robed and laid on the massage table, with no towel available to cover me so I just chilled in the nude until she came back. It’s Europe. Nobody thinks twice about that stuff here.

After covering me with warm towels, the massage began differently than usual—backwards. She had me laying on my back for a soothing facial massage followed by an invigorating arm massage, which typically happen at the end. Then, Antonia folded the top towel down, spilled hot oil down my chest, and then began to massage it onto my breasts and stomach. You don’t get that a lot in America but it is common in Europe; they did it during my massage at Kami Spa too.

Now, I’m not sure how to put this. As a spa journalist I feel it is my duty to share my experiences in full… the good, the bad and the WOAH. So although I feel awkward about it, especially because my parents read this blog way more than you do, not to mention my boss, here goes.

Very slowly and surely I was getting… aroused. At first I thought it was just me, but then I realized this was no accident. Antonia wasn’t doing anything inappropriate, but she massaged me in just the right places for just the right amount of time, that it stimulated my entire being. Suddenly, every touch was electric. My legs turned to jelly. My feet were on fire. What a simple, ancient concept. Sex heightens sensitivity all over your body, so why not innocently mix some sexy tantra technique in with a regular massage? Well, she did, and it was amazing. And no, there was no happy ending, but I was pretty freaking euphoric.

In all honesty, it was one of the best massages of my life. Classy and exotic. Therapeutic and energizing. Total body rejuvenation. Afterwards I floated out into the main room and sipped hot tea with Prospero. He explained that this massage isn’t on the spa menu, per se, but rather a unique, custom massage he created with his staff over the years. It’s meant to stir up and stimulate the energies in your body, sort of like Reiki aims to do. Except no, not at all.

So… who’s thinking of hopping the next red eye to Roma? I see you smiling! Well, if that’s not possible and you’re from New York, Prospero <3 NY and it is a dream of his to open up Wonderfool in the Big Apple one day. Melody is campaigning hard… and now so am I. The men of New York would absolutely come knocking down their doors! Without a doubt, and probably without a press release.

Today’s WIN ITALIA question:

If Wonderfool opened in your city, would you request this massage?


xx – @michellejoni / @SPAWEEK

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