Italy has me swooning for spa. I’ve been lucky enough to try a couple of amazing spas in Rome, but today is the big day. I’m on my way to the promised land of Italy, the Tuscan Maremma, to stay at Antico Casale di Scansano. It’s a 4-star spa resort situated in the heart of southern Tuscany with a molto generoso selection wellness treatments and activities. The film Under The Tuscan Sun is ready to go on my iPod for the 2 hour train ride; I’ve held off watching until now to be very in-the-moment about it. When traveling, always aim to surround yourself with the experience as much as possible!

A lot of well-traveled folks will tell you that while every corner of Italy offers an unbelievably culture-rich experience, the real prize is the food, wine, wellness and splendor of rural Tuscany.

Here’s a preview of the best Tuscany spa treatments offered Antico Casale di Scansano that I’ll be trying over the next few days, as described by them:

>> Coralline Facial treatment:
A radical anti-aging treatment for the face, it lasts 80 minutes and all products are massaged for a long time.
In a first stage the skin is cleaned thoroughly but not in an invasive manner using the properties of royal jelly, the Karitè butter vitamin, it is then fed hydrated and stretch due to collagen and elastin vehicled, anti-wrinkle serum with vitamin A and vitamin E.
Finally a mask with immediate effect, the mask to the reef seaweed, with its trace minerals (manganese, zinc, calcium and silicon) exerts a re-mineralizing action, firming, capable of restoring skin firmness, tone and elasticity. For a better result, the mask is dynamized sinessenza a specific type of skin treatments. The end result is a stretched skin, silky and radiant.

>> Multivitamin Clean body:
A synergistic treatment of cleaning of the body and nourishment of the skin, which restores the balance of the different structures of the epidermis. A multivitamin complex consisting of noble body fat, skin vitamins, essential oils, which has an re-vitalizing action, purifying effect peeling, relaxing and decongestant. By massaging the skin is free of impurities and dead skin cells, giving it tone, elasticity and smoothness. The skin is ready to be fed with a seaweed wrap, rich in potassium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, vitamins, essential oils and active restructuring principles. It all concludes the synergy of a fluid treatment anti cellulite firming fluid liposome and massaged over the body to the skin with new vitality, tone and elasticity.

>> Body scrub with Coffee and Cardamom:
It’s a full body scrub massage using the antioxidant properties of coffee mixed with almond oil and enriched by the fragrant aroma of cardamom by a stimulating effect. The skin is oxygenated and appears soft and smooth.

>> Furò moisturizing Milk Bath:
Recommended after the scrub with the coffee, to dip in a Jacuzzi with the softness of milk with color effects. A special touch for a truly hydrated skin. The bath can be done as a couple. The palate also is pampered with coffee, milk and sweets.

Who’s ready to relax in the quiet hush of beautiful, rural Italy? This girl.


Today’s WIN ITALIA question:

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What spa treatment do you think is essential when traveling?

First photo montage snatched from, and other photos supplied by the Tuscany Hotel I’m about to discover.

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