If you’re sitting in your backyard tomorrow and water suddenly begins to spring from the earth beneath you at a blazing 100 degrees fahrenheit, you’ll want to stop everything you’re doing and build a spa right then and there.

Not just any spa. You dig deep into your pockets and you go build the most obnoxiously enormous spa on the planet, build a hotel and golf resort around it, start a deluxe spa skincare brand based on your liquid fruit of the earth, turn spas around the world into mini versions of your own, and put out ridiculously lavish marketing materials to match.

This is the cartoon snapshot of what happened at Terme di Saturnia in the Maremma region of Tuscany. Perfect grapes, perfect olives, breathtaking landscape… and a bubbling earth of hot, healing, holy water. Some regions just have it all, huh?

Just 20 minutes away from my lovely Antico Casale di Scansano spa resort are the booming hot springs of Saturnia—they make for a perfect day trip. But as luck would have it, Gina Molinari, the spa director of The Doctors at Trump Place in New York found out that I’d been spa-ing and blogging my way through Rome and Tuscany, and she was there too. Gina’s #1 passion? Letting the whole wide world know about Rome and Tuscany’s immaculate spa and hospitality lifestyle. A few emails and phone calls later with her contact Cristiano who owns Just in Toscana travel agency and has that very same passion as Gina, I was on my way to discover the hot springs.

The first thing you’ll notice upon arrival to Saturnia is the funky egg yolk smell. It’s the sulfur in the hot spring water, which gives it its healing qualities. It doesn’t really go away, but it doesn’t really matter because the place is too gorgeous and relaxing for any olfactory issues to get in the way.

There are the public springs (above), where anyone can go and relax in the hot thermal baths for the day, which I only saw from a distance. Then there’s Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort, the most famous and expensive place to stay in all of Tuscany, and with darn good reason.

The main pool is absolutely gigantic; there are four open-air hot spring swimming pools on the property. Jacuzzis are both inside and out and each have different healing properties, waterfalls are there for you to lay under while the water massages your back, showers with rainbow chromotherapy come at you from all directions, and from what I gathered, they seem to have a full hotel wing dedicated solely to massage.

With four restaurants on the property, a big sleek hotel and spa entrance, and an endless number places to relax in your big fluffy white robe and be served like a king, it’s no wonder they’ve garnered the acclaims and astounding international reputation that they have.

In my quick 2 hour visit, I hopped around from the pool to the waterfalls to the different Jacuzzis and back. A bunch of swimmers were lined up in the middle of the pool, floating on booeys suspended on a wire. I tried it but it wasn’t comfortable at all. Maybe it was some sort of cult. The place could really use some rafts and noodles, but other than that, no complaints. What a beautiful way to spend a cool November afternoon.

Not to mention the healing qualities–my skin was glowing and I left feeling completely refreshed, inside and out.

Here are a few more photos:

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