Indonesia, Morocco, Guatemala, Russia, Italy, Turkey — no we’re not just rambling off random places on the map, these are the destinations for the exclusive traveling fitness spa, Escape to Shape 2011. If you thought a hot stone massage on the Upper West Side of Manhattan was great, imagine those stones being lifted from the earth right outside of your cabana. For those who have ever wanted to go on a vacation that is more than just sand and blue water, and crave a deeper overall mind, body and spiritual experience, then this really is the journey for you. Escape to Shape is the brain child of travel expert, yoga and fitness instructor, Erica Gragg.

Escape to Shape Co-Founder and Fitness Instructor, Erica Gragg

The program offers luxurious accommodations, a total body workout including yoga, pilates, circuit training or hiking, delicious regional cuisines, cultural excursions and activities, spa treatments and loads of relaxations. The seven day experience also lends itself to building new friendships amongst the travelers and welcomes people of all fitness levels. The cuisine is rich, healthy and primarily organic. All fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products are supplied from local producers and all local excursion guides, chefs and staff are hand selected, the very best in their field, and trained by Escape To Shape, so as to support the local community and economy. While the health benefits and accomodations are endless, vacationers also have the opportunity to give back with a project for the local community.

2011 Calendar

Bali, Indonesia ———-> Jan 29-Feb 5 AND March 3-10
Marrakech, Morocco ——> May 7-14; 14-21; 21-28
Puglia, Italy ——————>June 4-11; 11-18
St. Petersburg, Russia ——–> July 16-23
Istanbul, Turkey —————-> August 20-27
Taormina, Sicily ——————> October 15-22; 22-29
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala ———-> November 5-11

For more information on how to plan your escape click here.

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