Most of us have fantasized about our extravagant wedding since the days of playing in the sandbox. At the age of 9 you probably had all the details laid out, from the toppings on the cake, venue, and even that your bridesmaids would be wearing pink, frilly dresses to coordinate your long pink train. Now as an adult you realize Barbie Pink is less than appeasing, and you seek a color scheme that is expressive of your style, modern and unique. Another interesting fact about women is that our taste changes just as often as the weather, so making a definitive decision on your wedding colors can be almost impossible. Things are no longer easy as 1-2-3 and getting the color scheme right can be frustrating. In order to avoid being the annoying “order, switch, change, and cancel bride”  here are 5 tips to help you get it right the first time.

1. Choose One Dominant Color

What is your favorite color? It should be whichever color that can instantly perk up your mood. As a traditional bride you may want to choose this color to surround you to make you feel good on your special day.

2. Consult The Color Wheel

The world’s biggest problems are easy to solve by going back to the basics. After you choose your favorite color select choose two opposites to compliment.

3. Get Swatches

Before you order anything take the time to visit your local Home Depot or Lowe’s to check out the colors for free. Go on a late afternoon and spend as much time that you like.

4. Be Season Friendly

Keeping the season in mind when choosing your colors can be very helpful. For a Winter wedding choose colors like soft blues and silvers.

5. Do Your Research

Soak up inspiration from design magazines, visit art galleries and museums and have fun going window shopping. Inspiration is all around us.

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