Some people literally work, work, work, day and night. Our second Holiday Gift Guide is for the Workaholic. In our lives there will always be that one person who’s last to leave the office (ahem, Michelle), considers Daylight Savings Time a break, runs on sheer internal adrenaline, and definitely won’t stop until the job is done. Luckily, this is the time of year where you step in with a gift that will make them smile during those long office hours.

Michelle’s Workaholic Gifting Advice: It’s nice to enhance someone’s workday with a desk accessory, but be careful about buying into sleek packaging and novelty items. Not everyone wants a digital picture frame or a lifetime supply of thumbtacks. Something that everyone DOES want is super relaxing spa break, like a 60 minute deep tissue or hot stone massage, and oftentimes, it needs to be forced upon them. Treat your workaholic to $100 worth of forced relaxation for only $79.99 via Spa Week’s Gift Card sale, or 20% off any other amount. Send your workaholic to the spa. It will be more appreciated than any cheery desk ornamentation. But here are some other ideas:

Sliding card + photo holder, $24.95

It must be difficult being away from home so much. To be able to look up and see your nieces and nephew dangling in a photo set above you is sure to bring on a smile.

Buddha Desk Organizer, $20.00

When deadlines are hot on your tail and the boss is breathing down your back, instant zen can add some ease to a rather hectic day. Surrounding the chaos of spreadsheets and proposals are two round and joyful buddhas that want to make you to smile.


*MICHELLE’S PICK* Acushakti Accupressure Mat, $59.99

Not only do I have a robe and a lifetime supply of lotions and eye serums in my office, but I also keep one of these accupressure mats right under my desk. I occasionally take a break and lay down on it, and sometimes I lean on it in my chair. It’s a true spa break to connect with over 6000 pressure points in your body, and gives both your mind and body a dose of healing.


On The Cuff, $10.00

That workaholic will surely thank you for gifting with something that takes in to account the hefty skill of multi-tasking. For once, they’ll be able to balance three things at once. Carry your coffee, money, and train pass all in one hand.


*MICHELLE’S PICK* Candy Crane, $29.95

I don’t have one of these at my desk, but I think that’s a mistake. The fact that you have to actually claw the candy like a 4th grader in an arcade will help to limit the number of pieces you will consume, and can be a nice 30 second escape from checking emails. Talk about a fun diet! (Not advisable for people with “serious” jobs)


Futuro Perpetual Wall Calendar, $31.00

Never let another appointment pass you by with this never-ending calendar. Seriously, it never ends.

And if the thought of another cubicle-ridden day makes them want to jump off a cliff… get them outta there!

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