Guest contributor: Shelby Jones, ISPA Public Relations Manager

Are you suffering from work burnout (who hasn’t at some point)? Common symptoms include: glazed over looks in meetings; a tendency to refill your coffee mug 4-5 times daily; checking the time on your computer to make sure it’s synced up with your watch and cell phone; asking your co-worker if you can look at their photo album of Fido’s fourth birthday party…again. It’s not always easy to keep yourself motivated and engaged. Leaders have to be innovative and proactive to create a positive and productive work environment. Here are some prescriptions that may help cure what ails you.

  • What is the best motivator? You may be surprised (it’s not money).
  • Tips from some of America’s best places to work.
  • We all need a pat on the back every now and then, but beware of the delivery. Recognition: what NOT to do.
  • Don’t start a cubicle war amongst your employees, because not everyone is motivated by competition.

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