For the first time this season, Mother Nature and Old Man Winter have joined forces. Call it the snowball effect, but over the weekend it snowed in southern parts of the U.S. and yesterday it was our turn to experience a fair dump of flurries. Winter weather is always two things: harsh and unpredictable. It can be hard for our skin to adjust, especially those with dry or combination skin. Winter calls for a beauty routine revamp and particular care through out the season. Celebrity Skincare Facialist, Joanna Vargas suggests 5 tips to keep your skin safe in the winter, via our guest contributor Healing Lifestyles & Spas.

1. Scrub Less

“Although cell turnover slows during the winter, it’s a time to exfoliate less, not more. The skin is fragile from the dry heat in our offices as well as the cold wind outdoors. Over-scrubbing will just make the skin red and itchy,” says Vargas. And if you see patches of flaky skin, resist the temptation to scrub them away. “Those flakes are an indication of a rash that occurs from environmental stress. I would exfoliate less in winter—once a week as opposed to twice.”

2. Change the Way You Wash

Soothing and hydrating products should replace more drying skin care that may suit your skin during hot months. “I like people to switch to a cream cleanser for winter as I think it’s soothing and hydrating for every night.” If your current cleanser leaves your skin dry and squeaky-clean, find a natural version that hydrates as it cleanses.

3. Layer Vitamins and Moisture

While your skin might stay supple sans moisturizer in the summer, winter requires a more rigorous regimen of hydration. Vargas likes the one-two punch of serum layered under rich day and night creams. “Serums should be used under your cream, night and day. Your skin will need the extra vitamins. Your day cream should be strong enough to keep that feeling of hydration throughout the day,” she says. If your current day or night cream doesn’t suffice, switch to a formula with shea butter, Vargas recommends. “A night cream with shea butter and royal jelly is always great because it hydrates, calms chapped skin and regenerates while you sleep.”

4. Go For Good Fats

With a change to the way we treat our skin on the surface, it only makes sense that we take into account the foods we’re feeding our skin from within. Winter is the season to add healthy fats to your diet that will keep skin nourished and supple. “I always try and tell people to add avocado and fish oil [supplements] as well as drizzle extra flax oil on their salad,” says Vargas. “All the extra good fat will keep your skin and scalp nicely free from that flakiness which occurs to many people during winter.”

5. See a Pro

Can’t seem to get your skin glowing this winter? Try a professional treatment. “I would recommend Oxygen Facials in particular because they are soothing and hydrating, which is very much needed during the season,” says Vargas. Get the treatment at Joanna Vargas Salon — or schedule a one-on-one session with Vargas herself. And look out for Vargas’ own skin care line, debuting this holiday season, for natural products from a true skin care pro.

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