We can all agree that an engagement is often the first pinnacle point in a love story… shouldn’t it be celebrated with more than an anticlimactic change of relationship status on Facebook? Here are some more creative ways to announce your engagement, still using good old Facebook as your tool, since you inevitably will at some point anyway. You no longer have to send out 100 cardstock notes to make an impression (we agree that’s a little TOO climactic, not to mention wasteful), just embrace the technology already in your arsenal with a dash of creativity.

Create a Website

If you two are both inner URL geeks, you can have a lot of fun with this. Send your loved ones an email with the url (ex: www.youthoughtitwouldneverhappendidntyou.com) announcing that you two are soon to be married. Then, share it on Facebook. This can also be the homepage of your “wedding website.”

Plan a Surprise Engagement Party

Invite all of your friends and family for what they think is a normal gathering then spill the beans. Create your event on Facebook, of course.

A Picture Speaks 1000 Words

This is a great way to announce it if you he popped the question on vacation or some unique event. Take a picture with you two holding hands and let the rock dazzle as the background portrays the story.

A Video Speaks a Million…

Make a video together and post it on Facebook. Assuming you and your friends are social media savvy, by the end of the day this should be the top item in everyone’s news feed. If either of you sings or thinks you can sing, don’t be afraid to entertain.

Create a New Foursquare Venue

For super-social media couples only: Create a new venue called “Jane and Joe’s Marriage” and then both check in saying: “We’re on our way…”

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