Last night I was honored to attend the launch of VeriPur hand sanitizer endorsed by Dr. Jim Sears of the CBS hit show, The Doctors. Good timing or sheer irony, in honor of our ongoing SPA Holiday Gift Card Sale we’ll be giving away a $100 gift card to each member of the show’s studio audience on their Holiday Episode airing next Friday, December 17th. Click here to see when it airs in your area. Be sure to tune in! We briefly highlighted an episode featuring the urine facial tested out by willing guinea pig, Dr. Jim Sears whom I got to interview last night. After that national display of bravery, all in the name of a receiving glowing skin, I was more than excited to pick his brain.

Me and the Doc

The event was such an eye opener for me. When I first got there I didn’t know what to expect. I was left even more puzzled when I was transfered from the outside into a dark freight elevator, handed a white lab coat, and a bottle of Purell. For a second I thought I was entering some radioactive wasteland. Much to my surprise I was set up to travel through a maze of everyday mock settings, like a sitting area staged as a living room and an imaginary gym equipped with a treadmill, both dressed in billions of bacteria. Fun stuff.

The Purell came back into play when were told that the popular hand sanitizer only kills germs for about 15 seconds. Once it dries, so does your protection.  Oops. I will admit, I am good for shaking hands, rubbing my eyes and chewing on my finger nails—all helpful aids for getting sick in the winter time. At the end we were told to toss our Purell samples in the trash. After the presentation Dr. Jim Sears gave me some helpful hints on how to stay healthy. Veripur Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer has both an Unscented and Fresh scent and comes in two sizes: a 3oz tube for $5.99 and a 13oz pump for$10.99. Veripur is available for purchase online at and will be available exclusively in Walgreens starting February 2011.

Spa Week Daily: What advice would you give busy Americans to stay healthy in the Winter?

Dr. Jim Sears: Eat right, fruits veggies, and fish for omega-3. Get some exercise even if it’s just a simple walk. Everyone should get enough sleep.  Most importantly, keep your hands clean. Use hot soap and water. Sing happy birthday to yourself twice and then rinse. You can use VeriPur a few times during the day and you can use it all day long.

Spa Week Daily: Why do you feel people don’t take care of themselves better?

Dr. Jim Sears: They think it’s too hard. They’re think it’s way too many changes to make, especially for someone who’s been a around for a while. They don’t think that they can give up the cheeseburgers and they just don’t have the motivation. That’s how you get sick. As a doctor, we try to encourage little changes.  Go from two sodas a day to one soda. Find a way to cut down to calories.

Spa Week Daily: Do you think cost interferes with the need to eat healthier?

Dr. Jim Sears: A heart attack is expensive. A heart attack is thousands of dollars. It’s more expensive to get sick than it is to take of yourself.

Spa Week Daily: How do you view prevention?

Dr. Jim Sears: I look at my health like I see my car. Ever few months I have to get an oil change or my engine is going to blow up. People should get frequent check ups and eat fruits and vegetables. Everyone knows how to eat an apple. If you eat healthy you can avoid ailments.

Spa Week Daily: Let’s say that you’re at a party and a guy came out of the restroom without washing his hands. Would you say something?

Dr. Jim Sears: That is a tough one. There was once this show where the cartoon guys would be coming out the bathroom and a sign would light up saying “You Didn’t Wash Your Hands!” If it was a family member or a close friend I would whisper “hey don’t forget to wash your hands,” but I certainly wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone. I would definitely watch what I was touching once we got back to the party.

Spa Week Daily: Do you think vitamins are good to take?

Dr. Jim Sears: I’m not a fan of vitamins. I like the other supplements. Fruit and veggie extracts.

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