Happy Green Monday! On this, one of money’s biggest days of the year, we are celebrating with with ways to make gift-giving a little greener. This Holiday Gift guide is especially for those who want to save the polar bears from the melting ice caps, never skip their annual trip to the rain forest, and uses only Aveda beauty products. How can you not love a person who cares about the environment? We suggest bringing them closer to saving the earth with eco-friendly holiday gifts.

Michelle’s Tree-Hugging Gift-Giving Advice: There are a lot of ways to give green, but how about this one: go to a local market and pick up a few fresh, local groceries and goodies. Makeover their pantry with fresh breads, oats, meats and cheeses. *BONUS* With it, give them a Spa Gift Card (all 20% off right now) and demand: “You must use this gift card before the food goes bad!” Preserving the earth, and their sanity.

Recycled Jute Grain Bag (Burlap) Colorful Backpack, $29.00

Handmade from recycled materials in Nepal, this lightweight backpack is perfect for eco adventures.

*MICHELLE’S PICK* Amala Skincare, $30 and up

A new favorite skincare line of mine, Amala treats your skin as with as much care as it does the environment. It’s expensive but it really, truly works; in the few weeks I’ve been using the Hydrate line, my skin has never looked so fresh. Amala partners with 13 individual farmers around the world to source the freshes ingredients for its products. Global fair trade and eco-consciousness are at the core of Amala Skincare. Pick one or two products to get a new skincare-savvy friend turned onto this line.

Hot Air Balloon Hummingbird Feeders, $40.00

Should your tree hugger host a family of blue jays or robbins in their backyard, these hot air balloon bird feeders would come in handy. Made out of recycled glass by artisans in Mexico so that their feathered friends will never go hungry.

One Baggu Bag Eco Friendly Reusable Shopping Tote, $8.00

The keyword in this these strong, nylon shopping sacks is “reusuable”,  meaning guilt-free gifting from you to your eco conscious giftee. They replace paper and plastic bags without harming the environment.

*MICHELLE’S BAG IDEA* If your giftee is starting up a small business or movement, get her a bunch of custom logo’d eco-friendly shopping bags to use as promotional material.

SOLAR RADIO AM/FM/Weather Band, $32.00

Solar power to the tree hugger is like precious vintage to the fashion lover.  Win them over with this solar powered am/fm + weather band radio. It charges with solar power or manual hand crank.

You can always send Mrs. Green Thumb to the spa with a SPA gift card and let them experience the ever increasing number of eco-friendly spa treatments available, such as an organic facial.

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