Guest Spa Contributor: Vanessa Alfano, Healthy Style NY

I am a spa junkie. I love anything to do with relaxation and a good dose of pampering. So when my good friends at Spa Week asked me if I wanted to check out new salon/spa in Westchester, I was more than happy to oblige.

When I walked into to Cherylyn Salon in Westchester, NY, I felt as if I had just passed through the pearly gates. Sure, a lot of spa/salons are my idea of heaven, but this place was the definition of ethereal. Washed in white, yet still warm and welcoming, even the halo-like lamps over the stylists’ chairs had me looking for St. Peter.

Instead, I was greeted by Candice, the massage therapist who I would be spending my next couple hours with. She too was endearing, (a cherub in my perfect heaven) sweet and personable, yet, I must admit her petite stature had me questioning if she could deliver the deep massage I was in need of.

We ascended a spiral staircase to where the massage rooms were located. At first glance the room appeared fairly typical of a nice spa, but I quickly realized that it too was a step above the rest. Beyond the candles and tranquil music, this little sanctuary boasted a private bathroom, lux shower, and adjustable heated massage table that had me instantly relaxed.

Of course, a nice space isn’t everything, and the heart of the matter is the service provided. And mind you, I am discerning with my massages. I’ve concluded that two decades of getting them qualifies me as an expert. I’ve also come to realize that a high-end spa doesn’t always guarantee a great massage.

Vanessa Alfano, Founder of Healthy Style New York

Fortunately, the massage too exceeded my expectations. I shouldn’t have pre-judged (isn’t that a sin of some sort?) for Candice delivered one of the best massages I have ever had. She got deep at my knots and even worked out a terrible kink in my neck that had been killing me for days! She paid attention to small details and spoiled me with a soothing scalp massage, a touch of reflexology.

Beyond the massage itself Candice’s warmth, and dare I say gentle spirit made my experience pure bliss. She had me relaxed, and seemed to sense what I needed deep down. She even gave me a mini-facial to wrap up my experience. After all, indeed my skin too should be glowing after visiting such a place.

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