This is an ACTUAL email I received this afternoon. No joke. I had to share immediately, because I wonder: Men, is anyone else out there experiencing this strange new spa adaptation of the Oedipus Complex?

Dear Michelle,

So, here I am sitting in my office trying to make my way through another seemingly endless day at work, when I suddenly come across an article on your blog about yet another new spa treatment for women. There’s been vajazzle, vajacial, vatoo… and this one is for a vaginal steam bath. Vaginal Steam Bath?????? What the Hey!! What about us guys? We’re people too. How about a steam bath for “my boys”? It can’t always be about you women. Guys need to relax too. I’d love to treat my boys to a good time. They’re good boys, they’ve always done the right thing by me. Are you listening spa owners… us guys would like to shed our inhibitions and take our boys out for a night on the town!! Do you women want your man to take care of you? Then help him to take care of himself…  Spa Week should talk to some spa owners and demand that they start offering “A Boys Night Out Steam Bath.” It’s the right thing to do.

Locked Up in New York

PS. Please keep me anonymous if you do anything with this (absolutely brilliant) idea.

Weigh in below, boys. Are your boys below feeling left out?
And spas, will you part take in the solution?

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