’Twas the night before Christmas and all through the street,
Not a blogger was blogging, not even a tweet.

No Tumblr was Flickring, no status was shared,
For once in their lives… nobody cared.

Companies’ ad spends were suddenly frugal,
And the world had stopped spinning on an axis of Google.

RSS feeds disappeared on a sled,
Mashable predicted a silent night ahead.

When flawless real-time searching just would not suffice,
The notion of NOW took a piece of advice.

2.0 took a seat and real life took the stage,
Spa Week Daily and the world were on the same page.

Enjoy the little luxuries of the holiday season,
Do things that make you smile— with or without reason.

Relax, indulge, be healthy, be true…
And in 2011, don’t forget about YOU.

Happy holidays!!!

<3 Michelle & Spa Week Daily

And if you’re thinking you heard this before… YES, this is recycled from last year 🙂

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