Did you know Facebook is the 3rd biggest country in the world, population wise, behind China and India? (From my airplane read – TIME’s Person of The Year 2010, Mark Zuckerberg. Recommended.)

Spas may be ahead of the curve when it comes to inventing new ways make you look and feel amazing, but on the social media front, the industry has got a lot of work to do. This new infographic was recently released by www.eyesandfeet.com, and it provides an interesting look at the landscape of spas and salons on Facebook in different parts of the country. Spas, where do you stand?

As our Spa Week spas know, one of the benefits of the Spa Week program is ample social media support and guidance, from dedicated posts on Facebook, to help getting your Tweets exposed to thousands of people. Scroll down for 4 basic steps to effectively getting started on making your Facebook footprint in 2011.

You’ve probably noticed that the Spa Week Facebook Page is active just about every day with almost 25,000 fans, but don’t for a second think this is an easy task. It is most definitely work. As the full-time social media director of Spa Week, nurturing the page and providing great content is a top priority. However, for spas and salons that don’t have the luxury of having a blogger and social media guru on staff, it’s easy to fall behind. Here are 4 basic steps to getting your Facebook page up and running without too much work:

1. First thing’s first. You want to create a business page, NOT a new profile account. Here is the link to do that. If you’ve already created a profile page, I suggest you switch to a business account immediately, for too many reasons to list here.

2. Make sure you’ve filled out all your vital info, including your phone number, location, hours of operation, and website link on the main page. This may seem obvious, but a lot of spas make the mistake of writing which shopping center or town they are in, but not their state. Also, upload a vivid, attractive picture that also looks good as a thumbnail. A small logo or distant photo of your reception area may seem like the obvious choice, but it’s not always the best for your main photo.

3. Update your status daily. If you don’t have time to think about updating Facebook each day, just take one hour each Sunday night to get all your posts for the week ready. Vary your posts: links to your blog, links to interesting stories on other sites, photos of your spa, inspirational quotes, spa deals, worthy YouTube videos, etc. Use a client like Hootsuite to schedule your posts in advance, and you’ll never have to think about it while you’re mid-facial. (Although you’ll want to make sure to check back at least every 48 hours to respond to any questions.)

4. Offer exclusive deals and do fun giveaways. Let’s be honest. There are millions of pages out there, and if you’re not doing something special, the only Likes you’ll have are your friends, your best clients and your mother. Offer exclusive deals like: 30% off all massages if you call and book by Thursday and tell us you’re a member of our Facebook page! Do a giveaway such as: Tell us why you need a facial on our wall, tomorrow at 6pm we’ll invite one of you in for free!

Who’s ready to dominate this growing nation of endless business opportunity? If you’re part of the Spa Week program, feel free to email me at michelle at spaweekmedia dot com anytime for advice or help on getting your spa noticed online.

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