Celebrity Suspect: Ted Williams, The Homeless Man With the Golden Voice

Case: Less than 48 hours ago, Ted Williams was your typical homeless man trolling the cold highways in Ohio, but unlike the others he had a gift. He carried a sign which said it all — he had a voice fit for the radio business. The photographer from the Columbia Dispatch filmed him doing unbelievable sample voice overs for radio and tv. Today he stands as a man with multiple offers, including a brand new home and a full time voice over gig with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Spa Treatment Sentencing: We hear that the native Brooklynite is on his way to New York City to be reunited with his mother whom he hasn’t seen in over 20 years and for more meetings. After decades of living on the street and becoming a celebrity literally overnight, we need to get him up to speed with a complete spa day. For proving that with a lot of hope and a little luck dreams can come true, we are sentencing Ted Williams to a 60 Minute Massage and European Facial, followed by a Manicure and Pedicure, only $50 each at Spa West in Westlake, Ohio in our spa deals.

The original clip that changed this man’s life had over 11 million views but just moments ago got taken down due to a legal matter (come ON!) but you can watch his CBS interview HERE.

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