While in Vegas, coming in second to the joy of laying on a flat massage table and having your knots kneaded to nothingness is being front and center taking in the flashy spectacles of a Las Vegas show. When it comes to performances in Sin City, no one show is the same, but very few are able to deliver an experience that uses the talent, lighting and effects of a typical show with a thrilling mystical twist.

“Triumph! It Runs on Steam” by Larry Fischer and Rafael Palacios at the Las Vegas Hilton is a unique experience that pulls back the cosmetic curtain taking you through the dimension of time and a parallel universe. This show is a compelling and simple story of good versus evil, the battle of humankind that will never end. It uses a thrilling original music score, steamy sensual dance and the magical illusions of the creators with unique integrated elements of the sci-fi fantasy genre. We received exclusive rehearsal footage of the show from photographer Tom Donoghue, pictured below.

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