Awards season is officially in full swing with the announcement of the 2011 Oscar nominees. Not to be outdone by Hollywood’s glitziest affair, today San Francisco Dermatologist Dr. Vail Reese announced the winners of the 2011 Skinnies. Consider this the skin care version of the Razzies. While some of the stars shined there were there were a few unfortunate ones that couldn’t escape the nasty clutches of bad skin.

Stressed Out Skin: Natalie Portman in “Black Swan”

Black Swan is a twisted thriller in which Natalie Portman’s character develops a nasty eczema-like rash due to the anxiety and stress to be the perfect ballerina.

Epidermal Entrepreneur: Justin Bieber’s acne endorsement

Not really a loser, Justin Bieber is just going through his normal strides as a teen. Even teen heart throbs with Vanity Fair covers and a 3D movie under their belts are very much susceptible to hormonal backlashes of teenage life. Luckily, Beiber handles his skin care like man and is blessed to have not a zit in sight.

The Anti- Role Models : Jersey Shore Crew

No real surprise here, the Jersey Shore gang is once again admonished for their bad behavior. Even with the knowledge of the dangers of tanning, the gang still goes against the laws skin care by tanning. It was also just announced they’ll be filming in ITALY next season, their tans will fit in but they most certainly will not! #horrifying


Ouch! To see the rest of the winners and losers click here.

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