Guest contributor: Kavita Jhaveri-Patel

I don’t know if it is just me, but I have been seeing commercial after commercial on fiber. Anything from orange flavored chalky powders that mix easily into water to fiber packed chocolate bars.

Fiber is absolutely necessary especially when you are feeling plugged up, bloated, fat, and totally uncomfortable. However these quick methods of getting fiber may help you in the short term; but as soon as you are done with the chalky stuff, guess what happens. You are right back where you started…stuck…. literally!

So how do we permanently resolve this? You CAN incorporate the right sources of fiber into your diet, and not only will you regulate yourself, but you will also lose belly fat by accident. How good does that sound?

Here are my TOP 3 quick and easy natural fiber sources:

Avocados: The most fabulous fruit ever! It is tasty on its own, creamy, and awesome with blue corn chips. Oh did I also mention, one medium sized avocado, has almost 12 grams of fiber! I think this is nature at its best! It taste sooo good it feels bad, and keeps your digestive tract working nicely and your colon clean.

Oatmeal: A hot bowl of apple cinnamon sweetened with maple syrup oatmeal sounds like the perfect dessert… I mean breakfast. 1 cup of oatmeal has 12 grams of fiber. Incorporate oats into your diet daily, and soon the belly fat will flatten and decrease your cholesterol AT THE SAME TIME.

Eat whole fruits not juice: Eating the whole fruit, like the whole orange is better than having orange juice. Why? Because you eat the fiber that helps you to break down the sugars that are natural in fruit. The fiber, or white part of the orange, is good for you and helps you to even out your blood sugar levels, hence helping you lose weight.

In order for you to feel lighter in more ways than one, get your fiber on!

Body confidence expert and health and lifestyle speaker Kavita Jhaveri-Patel. She has been featured in Time Out New York, Healthy Style NY, and has been mentioned on FoxLive News. Receive her free report 7 Mistakes Most Women Make When Trying to Lose Weight and How to Avoid Them by clicking here.

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