It’s the dead of winter and your hair is dying of boredom. A pixie cut is not for you. Bangs are way too high maintenance. Dying it purple has crossed your mind, but you thought better of it. And while all the birds have flown south for the season, feathers are here to stay.

Enter:Pheasant Feathers, the hottest new hair trend and my latest vanity obsession, the perfect pill for aesthetic monotony.

Pheasant Feathers are long, skinny, colorful feathers that are being applied to hair for a brilliant infusion of character and spice. These are no flavor-of-the-week hair pieces; Pheasant Feathers last up to 6 weeks or more, and are completely washable, ironable, scrunchable or whateverelseable. Check out the promo video from Fine Featherheads, the company spearheading the trend:

My good friend Stacey Gerston discovered them in October in Austin, Texas (one of our Spa Week cities!) on the side of the road, and was so obsessed that she started ordering supplies doing them for her friends back in New York. Scroll down for our little Pheasant-fest the other week where she feathered up me and a few friends. If you’re in New York, email her at Stacey.gersten(at)gmail(dot)com and she’ll do them for you. 12/12/11 update: Stacey has since been featured in the New York Times and needless to say, her business boomed! And although the trend launched much early in the year, it’s still flying high.


I know, you’re obsessed too. You want to set up shop right in your office lobby. Here is Stacey’s step-by-step guide:

MATERIALS NEEDED: Pheasant Feathers, a “loop tool” to thread them, hair extension “microbeads” and pliers.

SELECTING YOUR FEATHERS: Choose colors that contrast your hair color, otherwise they won’t be noticed. It is okay to combine different lengths, and it’s also okay if they are longer OR shorter than your hair. You should do them in bunches of 5 or more.

1 – Select a tiny section of the hair (I prefer a face framing area)
2 – Thread hair through the micro bread using the loop tool
3 – Put feathers in bead
4 – Clamp the bead secure with liers
5 – Cut the extra feather pieces on the top end

And there you have it! Check out the process and my fly new look. I have one in the under part of my hair which you can’t see. I thought it would be too much to have them on both sides, but now I wish I did. Moral of the story… Stacey is right. Frame your face. Go wild. Be feathered my friends!!

(PS – this first picture is someone else’s hair. My hairstylist read this blog post, thought it was me, and called me in immediately for a touch up. False alarm!)

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