It’s the massage for people who dislike getting naked at the spa, but coming from someone who loves getting naked at the spa, I’m pretty psyched for my fully-clothed treatment on Live Spa TV today.

Step into the prestigious Erika Bloom Pilates Plus, located on NYC’s Upper East Side. Erika’s studio specializes in private Pilates and boasts a cult following of long, lean celebs and devoted Pilates enthusiasts. They also specialize in select Eastern-inspired treatments, such as this one.

THAI YOGA MASSAGE: A traditional massage of Thailand, this treatment is experienced wearing loose fitting clothing on a soft mat on the floor. The practitioners body weight is used to create assisted yoga asanas and stretches, while simultaneously applying gentle pressure to shiatsu points.  Mobilizes joints, loosens muscles, releases tension, and rebalances the body.

I’ve written in detail about Thai Yoga Massage before, but tune in live at 2:40 pm. Ready, set, stretttttch!

Live Spa TV recording:

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