Get ready for it… we’re going to be on Dr. Oz tomorrow! If you had a chance to read Behind The Scenes at Dr. Oz last week, you know all about the segment and you saw the SNL studios (that days later produced this terrible spa sketch), BUT you read the wrong Dr. Oz air date! My apologies.

Airing: TOMORROW, Friday February 4th

We hope you set your DVRs so you can watch, and even better, so you can see how to WIN $100 Spa Week Gift Cards and other goodies.

Click HERE for the commercial preview—check out the crowd going wild! I especially enjoy the first woman in purple shaking her hands in jubilee. Can you spot the audience member getting a massage? Can you spot me in my Spa Week T-shirt for half a millisecond?

Check for Dr. Oz Showtimes in your area. In New York it airs at 3 PM on Fox 5.

See you on TV!

Wait, no, you’ll see us. 🙂

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