Writers, Editors, Bloggers, have you checked your schedules? There is a show scheduled at Lincoln Center at 10AM, then the lunch you set up weeks ago with your old editor visiting from out of town, and lateness is not an option for the presentation at Milk Studios from 2:00-2:20. After weeks of planning, emailing, planning, scheduling and more planning, New York Fashion Week is here again. To everyone else, don’t be alarmed when you hear the grunts and moans from ladies walking the streets in 4 inch heels — they’re just in need of a spa treatment! Set a side an hour or so throughout jam packed day to indulge. We’ve already done the dirty work below and these spas are centered in the mist of the hoopla, you just need to go.

Day 1 – Face First

Even before you switch “Day 1’s” wardrobe for “Day 5”, the most important thing anyone will see this week is your face. Now is the time to handle any potential disasters by smoothing away uneven skin and stopping the spread of any evil breakouts.
Treat: 80 Min Organic Rejuvenation Facial Special: $49 Each; Originally: $88 – $120.
Spa: EAST BEAUTY DAY SPA 83 Mott Street between Canal and Bayard, Suite 201 | 212.227.8633
Bonus: For the dare devil in you, wow your colleagues when you show up with a perfectly plump kissers.
Treat: Choice of 1/4 Syringe of Juvederm for Lip Plumping for $299,
Spa: SmoothMED 111 East 59th Street | 212.371.7666

Day 2 – Body Polish For A Beautiful Glow

Tonight you finally get to put your wardrobe to work with the first after party. The dress is low cut and this will be the only time you’ve shown skin all winter. Body polish is the name.
Treat: 60 Min Illuminating Body Polish for $100, normally $165.
Spa: Cellulite Center at Luminesa Medi-Spa 24 East 36th Street, Ground Floor | 212.481.1003

Day 3 – In Dire Need of a New Manicure

By now any remnants of a decent manicure is all gone. Keep chipped nails to a minimum with an emergency salon visit.
Treat: Manicure and Pedicure for $39.95
Spa: Spa Catchi (Julia Allison recommends it) 115 East 39th Street | 212.980.3880

Day 4 – Massage Away Those Aches and Pains

Fashion Week is more than halfway done and those new 5 inch boots from Rag & Bone have not totally been worn in and the pain from carrying around your laptop is starting to creep up the rest of your body. A soothing massage is definitely in order.
Treat: 60 Min Full Body Massage Special: $63
Spa: Ettia Holistic Day Spa 239 West 72nd Street 1.800.795.7109

Day 5 – Best Bang For Your Buck


It’s not always about the clothes. You need to make sure YOU look your best. If you’ve been so busy you ran your Valentine away, treat yourself to an all in one.
Treat: Classic European Facial, Sea Salt Body Scrub and Manicure for $129.
Spa: Dorit Baxter New York Day Spa 45-47 West 57th Street, 3rd Floor | 212.371.4542

Day 6- Foot Relief

The good is news is you survived, however the nerves and muscles in your foot did not. Now you can finally begin to repair those aching feet.
Treat: Foot Reflexology, $63
Spa: Enliven Body Works 116 East 60th Street, 2nd Floor | 212.813.9396

Day 7 – Body Wrapping Break From It All

By now you’ve had it up to there with that PR who just won’t get off your back at every show check-in. Fashion Week has gone from this fun, exciting event to one you just can’t wait to get over and you need an immediate excape.

Treat: 3 Hour and 15 Min Escape to Shangri-La Package: includes Herbal Body Wrap and choice of Massage or Facial.
Spa: Shangri-La Day Spa 247 West 72nd Street | 212.579.0615

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