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Few consumer items are as mind-boggling as nutritional supplements. Standing in front of rows of shiny vitamin bottles can feel overwhelming—how do you know what you should be taking and why? Instead of attempting to decipher the supplement aisle by yourself, turn to Dr. Andrew Weil, complementary medicine guru and the mastermind behind the Vitamin Advisor.

It’s time to sort out all this confusion!
On his website you can enter in your info and get a FREE custom vitamin recommendation. Dr. Weil takes into account basics like age, gender, diet, and exercise—along with more nuanced factors like whether you experience PMS and your family medical history. He can even set you up with your own cute little individualized vitamin packets for convenience, talk about making your life easier! 

Perhaps best of all, you can quit nagging your significant other about how to take better care of his or her health. Dr. Weil can do the nagging for you!

For more examples of Dr. Weil’s very helpful insights and recommendations for various food sources of the most fundamental vitamins and minerals, click here.

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