In what was probably one of the most memorable show-stoppers of the Fall 2011 fashion season, Norwegian-born designer Elise Øverland poured her runway models over ice. She surrounded her still-standing (frozen?) girls with professional skaters to twirl around The Standard hotel ice rink in NYC’s meatpacking district, all decked in her leather-meets-feather Fall/Winter clothes, a colorful, wearable collection of it-girl must-haves. The fashionable crowd around the ice was huddled under heat lamps watching, sipping hot chocolate and Belvedere-spiked hot apple cider. Sn’ice!

And then Johnny Weir, two-time Olympic ice skating champion who’s now a front row staple, performed the finale. What a spectacle, the entire night.

Perhaps the simplest part of the extravaganza? The makeup. Here’s how the makeup went down backstage with famous Australian makeup artist Napole0n Perdis.

Take a look at his face sheet for the show. No frills, no drama, not even a speck of color. Au naturale to complement the bold clothing colors and bolder winter setting.

Because the makeup was so minimal, it was imperative that the models’ skin underneath looked flawless. Skyn Iceland, founded by Sarah Kugelman (center below) sponsored the backstage Stress Squad, and each model used their Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels to banish eye bags right before the show. (More on that in a separate post.)

Model Jenny (below) never wears makeup, so this wasn’t much of a dramatic change for her. Her secret? Moisturizer. That’s it. This may be her one and only beauty secret—she’s never even been to a spa.

Hey Napoleon, tell us real quickly about the makeup and inspiration!

Before the models went out, Napoleon’s crew did some last minute touch ups…

Here’s the designer fixing a leather hat onto one of the skaters.

At the end of it all, when Elise Overland and Johnny Weir took their final bows, the makeup had done exactly what it was intended to do: It let the clothes do skating.

Elise Overland Fall/Winter 2011 Skate from Racked on Vimeo.


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