What’s worse… breaking laws or breaking out? For this aspiring ESQ, it’s debatable.

Dear Michelle,

Here is my dilemma… The added stress, increased caffeine, and long hours of studying for the bar exam next week are taking a toll on my skin (not to mention the subconscious picking I catch myself doing!!). My skin seems extra dry, my pores seem larger than usual, and my chin is breaking out!! Do you have any easy at home cures I can employ to make this situation any better?? HELP!!


Dry Delinquent (Jamie Randall)

I decided to send this question to my newest employee in the Social Media department at Spa Week (she started Monday) to bounce some ideas around. She comes from a spa background and happens to know a thing or seven. Expecting a few bullet points back, she blew my mind and came back with the full blown jurisdiction you see below. Readers, it is my pleasure to introduce you to… your newest Spa Week Daily blogger crush… Stephanie Cavataro!

Dear Dry Delinquent,

Spa Week Daily holds you in contempt–Your skin is out of order!

You have neglected trips to the spa to make time for case studies. The proof- Exhibit A: your dry and neglected skin. It is the recommendation of the Spa Week Daily court that you remain remanded to your study-sanctuary and complete the following homemade beauty remedies:

One: Sit on your hands! Picking and scratching blemishes will cause scars—not to mention infections from bacteria transferred from hand-to-face. To fight infection, reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process try applying Manuka Honey as a mask 1-2 times per week. Manuka Honey is a great organic way to promote new cell turn over to leave skin supple and glowing.

Two: For dry patches, apply Safflower Oil Before bed. Dr. Oz says it has the same hydrating qualities as olive oil – but you won’t smell like a salad all night. Avoid petrochemicals (like baby/mineral oil or Vaseline) on the face. These man-made products can clog pores. To exfoliate rough spots, mix 1 part Safflower Oil and 2 parts regular sugar and apply as a homemade scrub to get rid of dull skin and flakes.

Three: Fight dry skin from the inside out. Swap out a caffeinated, sugary soda for Coconut Water. It’s full of electrolytes and potassium (twice the amount of a banana).  Coconut Water fights bloating brought on by late night study binges. It helps rehydrate faster than plain water while giving you natural, organic energy.

You can get Safflower Oil, Manuka Honey and Coconut Water at grocery stores like Whole Foods, without breaking the bank or straying too far away from your text books.

Case dismissed.

Best bar wishes,

Stephanie (and Michelle)

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