Backstage at the L.A.M.B. runway show, I at first couldn’t fathom why there were six totally different makeup and hair styles happening at once. Pandemonium ensued as cameramen clamored for a moment with the famously bleach blonde celebrity designer; surely the drastically different model looks could not all be for one show! Someone in the beauty department shouted out “One minute left!” when I snapped this shot and headed out through the crowded runway to take my seat.

As the lights dimmed and the beat dropped, it became clear there were actually six shows in one. Six rocking mini collections marched down the L.A.M.B. runway—each one offering a different aesthetic and edge, each to a different beat, from the Beatles to Bowie to Bob Marley. As a whole, it painted a portrait of Gwen Stefani’s eclectic style—both fashion-wise and musically.

But wait! I only made it backstage for a few minutes (thus my non-investigation of the different looks), but did I mention I snagged a few seconds with the beautiful Gwen? I was the last reporter she talked to before the show kicked off. If you were watching live on Ustream last night (as promised in my spattire) you already saw it.

Live-recorded quickie interview with Gwen Stefani:

Keep scrolling for the strongest looks from each mini collection. It’s something for everyone… a mish mosh of colors palettes and silhouettes… which normally do not belong together at a runway show. But since Gwen’s style portfolio is as diverse as her models’ looks, she more than got away with it—it made for a thrilling tour de fashion fantasy, no doubt. Which theme is your favorite?

Soldier girls (above)

Ragga Muffin girls

London girls

Buffalo girls

Mod girls

Glamour girls

I did livestream the entire thing, but apparently runway shows are not an iPhone’s strong suit. That, or I just have to do better than fourth row next season! Here’s the recording live from Lincoln Center.

PS… hot nail color for Fall 2011? Black. Dashing Diva did the nails for the show – check out the sultry backstage pics.

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