Day 4 of working at Spa Week. I get an email with the subject line, “Would you want to…” from Michelle. Opening it leads to a moment of excitement and fear. “Would you like to go back stage at the Naeem Khan show at Fashion Week tonight? –Michelle” First thought, “YES!” Second thought, “Why did I have to pick my clothes in the dark this morning?”  After turning my shirt inside out and rummaging around my suitcase (purse) for some sort of jewelry—I was ready for my first Mercedes Benz Fashion Week experience.

I had two missions leaving the office Thursday night. Mission 1: Don’t get lost. Mission 2: Figure out how Spa Week and Fashion Week fit together. After frantically meandering around Lincoln Center, I finally found the press check-in. Mission 1: Completed.

As I made my way backstage, the first thing I saw when I walked in was hairstylist, Philippe Mensah giving one of the models a massage. How perfect! Models receiving complimentary treatments before they strut down the runway.  When I asked Philippe what was with the rub down, he responded in a thick French accent: “When the girls are stressed or nervous, I give massage so they can relax. Then I can do the hair.” Philippe must have known I was coming. He practically did my job for me: tying in Spa Week and Fashion Week in one perfect moment of relaxation. Mission 2: Completed.

Philippe then introduced me to lead hair stylist Laurent Philippon. Laurent explained that the low chignon hairdos he was creating were  inspired by the structure and elegance of the film Black Swan. Naeem is one smart cookie, incorporating one of this year’s blockbuster movies with his dazzling red carpet gowns. I guarantee you will see more than one of these looks on the Oscars’ red carpet. Hand-beaded bodices, open backs, plunging necklines and ostrich feathers: Hello Hollywood!

Overall, my first Fashion Week was amazing… Can’t wait to watch the Academy Awards and spot a Naeem Khan gown. The best fashion Eye Spy EVER. If you see one before I do, Tweet us @SPAWEEK

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