As the anticipation builds for Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s royal nuptials, each detail of their married affair will be highlighted and scrutinized. This week’s rumors went rampant about those who made the cut including Elton John, The Beckhams and Kanye West, to rumors of those who didn’t—Fergie the Duchess of York. Just yesterday an official photo of the royal invitation was leaked out to the press. Much to our suprise, it is hugely understated, except for a gold crown emblem on top of the information.

Giving your wedding invitations a splash of glamour and granduer really sets the bar for your guest and builds anticipation for the big day. Here are 5 important tips to easily create a royal invitation of your own.

1. Order You Invitation in a Timely Manner

As a bride, it’s understood that you may have a million and one task to take on at once but it’s important to order your invitations as soon as the guest list has been finalized. As a courtesy to your guest, you should aim to have them sent out 3 months in advance. Nail down the look of your invitations, scout out a stationary company, and the specifics of the affair at least two months prior.

2. Too Much Is Never Enough

Take on this mindset, not with just wedding invitations but with every detail of your wedding. In the months of planning you could run into with an old childhood friend, your favorite college professor, or re-connect with a relative that has moved away. These extra invitations could come in handy.

3. Formalize Your Invitations

This is a grandiose affair and there is no better time to pull out all the stops than now. Take a cue from the Royals, and spell out everything including the date and time. It should read: Saturday, the Eleventh of June at Five o’clock in the evening.

4. Fourteen Layer Invitation?

The more expensive the stamp, the more luxurious the invitation, the fancier the wedding, right? Not necessarily. Hire someone who can help you create a design that will stray away from your single flat sheet of paper, but can be elegant and luxurious without breaking the bank, or the mailman’s back.

5. Hire a Calligrapher

Give your wedding guests the royal treatment. They will swoon when they open up the invitation to see that their names have been handwritten in a beautiful old-fashioned cursive, not Monotype Corsiva.

Wedding Invitation via, Image of Prince William and Kate Middleton via

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