Woah, WHAT are John Lennon, Lady Gaga, Barack Obama and Justin Bieber all doing in a photo collage together? And what in the world is on their faces? I know it’s totally sacrilegious to group these icons together, but I had a little too much fun with Spex Club‘s brand new Virtual Mirror, where you can try on glasses (on you, on your boss, on The Biebs) with their easy picture uploader.

If you love shopping for glasses in real life as much as I do, welcome to your new cyber four-eyed BFF. We first introduced you to Spex Club, a new concept in shopping for glasses online, at the end of last year. In a nutshell, you can achieve the look of a sleek set of Marc Jacobs or Chanel frames for a fraction of the cost ($58 – $88)… you can get ANY frames in either prescription or sunglasses… AND you never have to leave your computer. Although, I suggest you leave your computer at some point… if you can pry yourself away.

You can get $25 off right now—click below, and have a Spexy time!


Candace and I tried some frames too. As they say in the Spex Club….


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