Drink more water, less coffee, eat more veggies, less sweets, quit smoking, get more sleep, lose 12 pounds, wear SPF, exercise frequently, find inner balance, go to the spa as much as possible… YOU CAN DO THIS! These are YOUR goals, and this is YOUR year to be the healthiest you ever.

As the finale of our Like Us And We’ll <3 You Back month-long February giveaway series, you entered to win a wellness adventure: Two VIP Tickets to the Dr. Oz Show including a backstage meet and greet with Dr. Oz, along with a $500 spa day for two at the luxurious Spa Merge in midtown Manhattan. To enter, you had to fill in the blank:

“My #1 health and wellness goal for this year is _________.”

Click HERE to see all your answers of health and wellness goals; they are quite inspiring.  One particular goal stood out among them, and it ties back to the whole theme of the month—heart health. Congratulations to Michelle Giorgi, who has put herself through schooling in the name of lower blood pressure and cholesterol for herself, her daughter and her husband. Check out her answer:

“Here’s to living a long, healthful and prosperous life everyone!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

You may also remember that part of “loving you back” this February meant that for every new Like we got on Facebook since the promotion started, Spa Week is donating 25 cents to the American Heart Association. We started out with 25,066, and as I write this post we have 30,466, bringing the total number of new likes to exactly 5400.

Final amount: Spa Week is donating $1,350 to the American Heart Association, thanks to YOU!

Now go treat yourself to a massage, that’s one of the most effective (and enjoyable!) ways to stave off high blood pressure and the dangerous risks associated with it.

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