Innovation is as crucial to the spa world as air is for us to breathe. The roots of massage extend back thousands of years. To keep us keep us spa lovers coming back for more, massage leaders constantly develop new ways to fend off knots, back pain, and stress for our body parts in greatest need. From your basic deep tissue to the more specific champissage, creating new tricks to treat is a part of the game— and in this case, the game of golf.

For owner of Ahhhmmm Massage Therapy (all pun and exaggeration intended) and creator of the SPAball Kaddy, Heather Karr adding to that game was a no-brainer. She notes her goal is to help people reduce their stress levels (which reduces their chances of getting sick) and to help them operate in their business and personal lives with clarity of thought, increased effectiveness, a stronger immune system and emotional and physical resilience.

According to her website, the golf ball allows a deep tissue massage with the added benefit of kneading techniques in trouble spots that require pressure and and movement as well as trigger point and cross fiber work. In the clip above, Heather puts her spa research to work to using a golf ball and massage oils to turn her client into a relaxing goop of puddy.

We contacted Heather to get the inside scoop on this treatment.

Spa Week Daily: Is this a popular massage for men? Is this a good way for women to get their husbands to the spa?

Heather Karr: It’s been popular for both. I think men like it because it’s not girly — and the pressure a therapist can give without too much effort, is quite deep. But the massage with the golf ball is also very relaxing if done more lightly.

SWD: Why golf balls? What about the size of the golf ball makes a difference?

HK: The size, hardness, and smoothness is perfect. The only reason a golf ball alone hasn’t been used deeply by therapist in the past is because of how it would hurt their hand, not to mention the difficulty of controlling it with oil! With the SPAball Kaddy now available to therapist and spas they can offer this modality also.

SWD: What’s next in the line up? Would you ever use any other sports equipment? Tennis balls? Footballs?

HK: There is more stuff in the works.

SWD: We’ll hold tight! What specific health benefits do your clients get out of this treatment?

HK: Some people just need that deep focused pressure that they can’t get from most therapists. This makes it easier for the therapist as well as relief for the client. I’ve been told by clients that they FINALLY have the pressure they’ve been craving between the scapula and rhomboids. The cross-fiber work a therapist can do with the ball feels extremely stimulating and a few clients have said that they feel like their muscles can BREATH afterwords. Trigger-point work is also MUCH easier to do and allows the therapist to offer more of this kind of work without blowing their thumbs out.

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