Talk about panic! The last thing a bride wants to deal with on the very day she is set to walk down the aisle is a big, fat juicy pimple smack square in the middle of her face. As the big day quickly approaches the bride should be taking every possible precaution to avoid any last minute beauty disasters.

If you cut sodas and sweets out of your diet, fulfill your daily 8 glasses of water intake, and get enough sleep and a glowing red carpet facial of course, then your skin shouldn’t be be irritated. What happens when you’ve done all of the above and disaster still strikes? Below are four last minute skin care survival tips courtesy of Spa Week’s Everything Bridal section in partnership with WeddingChannel.

1. Avoid acne creams: They’ll dry out your skin and make the blemish harder to cover up.

2. When you’re ready for makeup, use a creamy, oil-free concealer.

3. If disaster strikes in the days before the wedding, schedule an emergency appointment with your dermatologist for a cortisone shot.

4. If you know you’re prone to breakouts, talk to your dermatologist ahead of time to find the right products and treatments for you.

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