Last night on Modern Family, my absolute favorite show on TV and the one I religiously watch every Wednesday night over wine at my friend’s apartment, there was a spectacular scene inside a spa. Except last night was the ONE night I missed it. Go figure… I’m so bummed! No spoilers please!

Until I run home and watch it in full on DVR, we can fully examine this isolated clip of Phil getting pampered at the spa. It seems that fluffy robes, a face mask and a little massaging was all it took for Phil, your typical fun-dad, a stubborn, often clueless 17-year-old boy in a grown man’s body, to come to new revelations on how to make things WAY easier with his hyper-charged wife Claire. Well, maybe it was the kiwi scrub, or maybe it was the deeply logical words of wisdom from his female spa day friends: Don’t help her unless she asks.

It’s great seeing Phil, in all his boyish manliness, sinking into his soft side (we forgive you for being a man) at the spa. Men, take note: pedicures and seaweed masks are not just for the likes of Mitchell and Cameron. While there are more significant difficulties in a marriage, a popular concern we actually hear a lot from our female readers is that they can’t get their husbands to come to the spa with them.

Ladies, if this is the case for you, I suggest you do not show them this clip.

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