Being a woman is hard work. We work tirelessly, serving as mothers, sisters, leaders, friends and role models with hardly a day off. Recognition usually stops short at flowers on our birthdays. Today marks the 100th anniversary and a reminder of how far we’ve come as women with the observance of International Women’s Day.

The holiday began in the early 1900s as women fought for equality and the right to vote. Today, First Lady Michelle Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton honored 10 women around the world with the International Women of Courage Awards given by the State Department. The deserving recipients were members of government, lawyers, businesswomen, journalist, and human rights supporters from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, Cameroon, Hungary, China and Mexico. These women at “some point … decided that she simply could not carry on in the face of an injustice,” Obama said.


Click here to read more about it on the official website. What will you do to honor the special women in your lives today?

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