Many brides are confused about when they should go in for a wax. We all aim to resemble those darling princess we read about as little girls. Cinderella, Snow White, and all the others chose to fore go hairy upper lips, eyebrow, legs and underarms and you should too. Waxing proves to be a challenge even for the pros and with the additional stress of wanting perfection a potential disaster can ensue. Just like with everything else, it has to be planned months in advance to get your hair on a growth on a cycle so it’s at prime waxing length on just the precise day, to ensure all goes… smoothly.

For a flawlessly hairless look from the morning of your wedding to being whisked away for the honeymoon follow these tips from our Everything Bridal Wedding Channel. For any of our blushing spring brides looking to save, be sure to book that waxing appointment for $50 during Spa Week April 11- 17th.

The first rule of thumb is to never wax any area of your face the day before your wedding. In fact this is a huge NO-NO. Your skin could have a bad reaction to the wax and cause a huge breakout, so aim for 2-3 days before.

You don’t want to risk having red bumps or blemishes marring your flawless look. Most experts suggest waiting until the week before your wedding day to do your final wax.

As for your bikini area, if you’ve never waxed before, make sure to do a test run at least three months in advance. Ask your esthetician to recommend a schedule so you can see how many days it’ll take for redness to go away.

Most brides find that waxing three to four days before the honeymoon leaves ample time for irritation to subside.

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