Perhaps this blog post is part of a self-fulfilling prophesy, but I’m telling you… the 24 Karat Gold Facial at Spa Martier in New York City will be the first $50 Treatment to completely book up for Spa Week when booking starts on Monday.


I visited the chic Manhattan spa (located underneath the lust-worthy Martier clothing boutique) last Friday, one of the exclusive spas across the country to offer 24kt gold treatments, and my initial thoughts were exactly what you’re thinking: A pure 24 karats of gold on my face? Gimmick! Well… as it turns out: Not so.

Here’s why it works: The chemical properties of gold happen to complement human skin quite perfectly: The negative ion from pure gold is on the same wavelength as that of a bioelectric current, and most skin problems are due to a bioelectric current imbalance, bad blood circulation and build-up of waste in the body.

24kt gold is extremely soft and malleable in its pure gold foil form, which makes for a smooth application. It’s hydrating, removes impurities, improves elasticity and promotes blood circulation.  Applying pure gold’s negative ion to skin rejuvenates the cell structure, stimulates metabolism and improves the natural healing process.

All this chemistry talk melts down to one thing: I left the spa with a beautiful golden glow, it visibly evened out my skin tone a great deal, and a week later I can still see and feel the effects.

The facial did not include extractions or many of the traditional steps of a facial, but as though a 24kt gold mask wasn’t enough, they used a serum with gold flakes in it. I jokingly asked, “24kt Gold, that’s all you got?”

“Actually no…” and then they applied the finishing moisturizer: made with platinum.

They are only taking a limited number of $50 Spa Week appointments, and this facial costs $250 when it’s not Spa Week. So if you’re in New York and want to get your gold glow on April 11-17, I suggest you call and book it first thing Monday morning when the $50 Spa Week Directory goes live!

Spa Martier
1012 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10022

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