Everyone wants the hottest and most coveted tech item on the market right now: Apple’s iPad 2. We gave you 10 easy ways to win an iPad back in December, but the regular boring old iPad is so passé. Maybe it’s just outside out of splurging budget, just too soon for an early holiday gift, and the last time you got an Easter present you were 7, and you ate it 30 seconds later. All hope should not be lost, because this also makes iPad 2 one of the most coveted giveaway items on the web. Check out these sites giving away your favorite sequel since Austin Powers Goldmember.

1. Win an iPad 2 on Steamy Kitchen

2. Win an iPad 2 from BRG

3. Win an iPad 2 from Big List Of Giveaways

4. Win an iPad 2 from Apple Toolbox

5. Win an iPad 2 from Techno Buffalo

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