If you live relatively close to New York and have a penchant for tennis, squash, cool massages and/or divine views of our pretty city skyline, CityView Racquet Club in Long Island City, NY is your new spa spot.

Step into the sprawling 80,000 square foot, prestigious, members-only sports club, an easy 10 minutes from the city by train, and feel the vibrant energy ricochet off the walls and envelop you upstairs in the CityView Spa.

Now, there was a time I thought I didn’t like people walking all over me. Turns out, I love it. I experienced Ashiatsu for the very first time—and the more appropriate term to walking would be gliding. It was the spa’s 60 Min Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, which uses the therapists’ weight and bare feet to deliver deep compression and gliding strokes to your entire body. The smooth flat surface of the foot is able to produce a consistent and firm pressure without the sharpness of, say, a finger or elbow. The feet glide over warm oil and penetrate deep into your muscles in a different way than any other massage does. Watch the video:

Recognized as one of the top instructors and innovative pioneers in the massage industry, Ruthie Piper Hardee developed Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy® in 1995, and it was trademarked 3 years later. Why did she invent it? Ruthie had scoliosis (like me!)— she was always hunching over clients and using her hands to massage, and it became taxing on her bad back. She and her team developed specific therapeutic techniques and a DeepFeet training program, and sure enough, massage therapists around the country became trained to use their feet as their modern massage instruments.

Members and non-members alike have access the CityView Spa, which offers a wide variety of treatments designed with the athlete in mind, and during Spa Week they are offering Ashiatsu as well as a Swedish Massage in their $50 treatment offerings.

I suggest you leave yourself a few hours to enjoy the facilities; anyone who uses the spa has access to the sauna and steam room, and additional access to fitness equipment is included with your Spa Week treatment. Bring a friend and play a few rounds of tennis or squash—it’s $24-$36/person/hour depending upon singles play, doubles play, peak and off peak time. Book in advance, because this is the most premier racquet sports club in the New York metropolitan area—seriously, all the other nearby contenders are now shut down.

Depending on what time it is (or what mood you’re in) when you’re done with your sporty spa day, get a refreshing juice and salad from the juice bar, or opt for a stiff cocktail at the upstairs lounge with one of their healthy-ish meal options. I had the grilled salmon with veggies and the hand cut sweet potato fries over a few glasses of wine, and my day was deliciously complete. I was so relaxed that I didn’t even want to go back into the city… and that’s saying a lot!

CityView Spa

43-34 32 Pl Penthouse
Long Island City, NY 11101

Spa Week $50 Treatments:

  • 60 Min Swedish Massage-Soothing Massage Promoting Rest and Relaxation + Additional Access to Fitness Equipment
  • 60 Min Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy-Therapists’ Weight and Barefeet Deliver Deep Compression and Gliding Strokes + Additional Access to Fitness Equipment

Ask about their special Spring Spa Week perks, many of which I mentioned above.

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